What does it mean to be a community? Different places have their own way to approach this answer. In Alton, we believe we are all integrated in our acquaintances, families, and coworkers. We also believe that a strong connection between the faith-based, political, social and educational service-driven organization can only help strengthen our commitment to one another.

In this page you will find an assortment of educational, social, entrepreneurial and other important resources for living in Alton. With our roots seeded in colonias, as well many of our extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) neighborhoods classified as colonias, we understand the value of helping others help themselves. Here you will find points of contacts for school, non profits, micro-lending, and other resources that can positively impact your life and that of your neighbor. Lend support or come and check out the services offered in Alton.

Alton Recreation Center (ARC)

The Alton Recreation Center serves as a community center for the City of Alton. The city is able to provide a place where nonprofit organizations can offer their services to the community. We pride ourselves in this truly collaborative effort to offer residents access to recreation, health, and quality of life offerings from local partners.

Among those offered are Buckner International which sponsors clothing distributions and free health screenings in conjunction with Valley Baptist Doctors. 

Other important partnerships include:

  • Dorcas Seventh Day Adventist Church provides food distributions;
  • Food Bank RGV which provides monthly food distributions to elderly;
  • Easter Seals which sponsors a parent support group;
  • Texas Migrant Council Head Start which has monthly parent meetings, nutrition classes, and staff training;
  • La Union del Pueblo Entero provides ESL classes and citizenship classes.

As you can see, the ARC is a hub for social groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club, but it also serves as a homebase for social services such as the local area Promotoras.


The city is served by three school districts:  Mission Consolidated Independent School District, Sharyland Independent School District and La Joya Independent School District.

Mission CISD:

  • Alton Elementary
  • Salinas Elementary
  • Cantu Elementary
  • Waitz Elementary
  • Cavazos Elementary

Mission CISD Middle Schools:

  • Alton Memorial Jr High

Mission CISD High Schools:

  • Mission Collegiate High School

Sharyland ISD:

  • Jesse Jensen Elementary

La Joya ISD:

  • Domingo Treviño Middle School



It is said that knowledge is power, and true empowerment happens when communities unite and use this knowledge for a positive outcome. Lets all work together in keeping our city well maintained. Please use the following links to report street lights directly to the Electric Companies.

Thank you for your participation in keeping the City of Alton bright.
At the site go to Customer Services and then to Report a Street Light Problem
At the site go to Resources
The following information will be required:

  • Problem with the street light
  • Pole Number
  • Street name
  • Closest intersection
  • Other comments

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