Facts About Alton, Texas




  • Alton, Texas was founded by railroad officials from the Alton Illinois Railroad.
  • Alton, Texas originated as a stop on the San Benito and Rio Grande Valley Railway in 1911 also called the spider web railroad.
  • The community voted to incorporate on April 01, 1978 establishing a General Rule Charter
  • A Home Rule Charter was voted for in the May election of 2006


“All aboard to Alton, Texas”

Alton, Texas was founded by citizens and railroad officials of Alton Illinois and the Alton Illinois Railroad around 1910-1911. During that time the small township was a stop on the San Benito and Rio Grande Valley Railway also called The Spider Web Railroad. During that time it was well known for its “Caliche” (sedimentary rock) quarries that were excavated and shipped up north for a variety of construction projects. Sixty seven (67) years later the small township adopted a General Rule Charter allowing it to become a city. And twenty eight (28) years later the city adopted a Home Rule Charter. And just six (6) years later the small city has grown from a population of 4,100 in 2006 to our current population of 12,135 in 2012. As the motto states, “City on the Grow”.



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