The City of Alton Recycling Program

The City of Alton Public Works Department implemented and started a new recycling program in the beginning of 2010. A Regional Solid Waste grant was awarded through the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council in the amount of $29,920.00. A portion of these funds were utilized to build a recycling building, as a drop off site, for the Alton residents and the surrounding area. Another portion of the grant was used to purchase educational items to be given out at school presentations and to the public.


The recycling center building named ALTON RECYCLING CENTER is located on the south side of Alton City Hall on W. Dawes Ave, Alton, TX. We are accepting paper, magazines, cardboard and plastics. Items may be dropped in through conveniently placed windows, available and open to the public SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS 8:00AM TO 5:00PM.

The Alton Public Works Department is collecting used oil. You may drop off your used oil at the Alton Public Works Complex. We are located at 401 W Dawes Ave, Alton, TX. Hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. For more information you may contact the Alton Public Works Department at (956)432-0792.

USED OIL: The importance of bringing your used oil is to avoid the hazards of dumping oil in our storm water drains. Bringing your used oil to Public Works, helps the environment and brings you peace of mind that you are participating in recycling, reducing hazardous waste, re-using and ultimately saving the earths natural environment. This is also a best management practice (BMP) utilized for our MS4 state compliance.

For further information or assistance, please call Alton Public Works Department at (956)432-0792.