City of Alton Fire Dept.

The Alton Fire Dept. has five fire trucks and personnel on call 24 hours a day. The trucks consist of two brush trucks, one rescue truck, one fire engine and one tanker to handle various types of emergencies. Our personnel consists of both paid and volunteer fire fighters working around the clock to serve the City of Alton and its citizens in case of an emergency. We encourage the citizens to always call 911 in case of an emergency as well as to report illegal burning and dumping of trash to our non-emergency line (956) 432-0740 and/or contact the Fire Department duty officer at (956) 205-8774. We encourage the citizens to follow these steps to prevent fires at home:

  1. Don’t leave candles burning at home unattended.
  2. Never leave food cooking on the stove unattended.
  3. Check all electrical outlets and never leave unnecessary electrical items on.
  4. Do not overload electrical outlets.
  5. Never let children play with matches or lighters.
  6. Don’t start fires close to the house (includes BBQ pits close to house or inside the garage or shed).

In case you are the victim of a house fire the Alton Fire Dept. is committed to assist you as much as possible thru various program assistance. For example we help you process with either the Salvation Army or the Red Cross. These agencies are available to the public in these circumstances. These agencies will ask for a report on the damage on your property which we provide. Remember… preventing fires at home starts with you!