Courtroom Rules


The Municipal Court of Alton, Texas has adopted its RULES OF THE COURTROOM, in order to provide efficiency, uniformity and fairness in conducting the business of this court.


  1. No weapons, or electronic equipment allowed
  2. All communicative devices must be turned off before entering
  3. No tank or halter tops, spaghetti strap blouses, muscle or undershirts, T-shirts with indecent, obscene, or profane words or language, graphics, or illustrations, or gang-related clothing
  4. All shirts must be tucked in
  5. No shorts of any kind
  6. No caps, hats, bandanas, sunglasses, sandals or bare feet
  7. No earrings allowed (males only)
  8. No food, drinks, gum, or tobacco products
  9. Use of obscene, profane language/signs or aggressive behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
  10. Due to limited space, public may be asked to wait in the lobby
  11. Searches of person or property (purses) will be conducted upon entrance to courtroom