Resolving Tickets

You can take the first step to resolving your ticket by either one of the following:

Payment of Fine and Entering a Plea without having to appear before the Judge.

If you desire to resolve your ticket without appearing before the Judge, you must enter a plea and pay your assessed fines on or before your “Appearance Date”. Failure to do so may result with a warrant for your arrest. 

Entering a Plea
You must enter a plea for each violation shown on your ticket. 
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Download Plea Form, send your form by mail, fax or deliver in person to the court. 

Paying your assessed fines and fees:  options

Personal Appearance Before the Judge

If you desire to contest the charge(s) against you or if you cannot afford to pay, you must appear before the Judge on the date noted “Appearance Date” on your citation/summons. If you are not able to appear on the scheduled date due to a justifiable reason you must call the Court Clerk to schedule a new appearance date. Failure to do so will lead to the issuance of a Warrant for your arrest. Review and follow all Courtroom Rules to allow a smooth process. All individuals must check in with the Court Clerk prior to entering the courtroom.

Juvenile Appearance – Defendants under the age of 17 must appear in open court with a parent or guardian for all proceedings. Marriage removes the disability of minority. Parents of defendants who are younger than 17 years of age and who are married need not be summoned.