City of Alton Planning Department

Any development within city limits requires proper oversight, planning, and follow-through with residents or commercial developers. We do this to assure adequate protection to the residents so that any infrastructure and home investments in the city are of quality.

Planning and Zoning also encompasses Code Enforcement and Building Inspections.

The Code Enforcement Ordinance 79-11 is one of the most important and highly used by the code enforcement official. This ordinance states that weeds, rubbish, motor vehicles, dilapidated buildings, burned hulls, or any objectionable, unsightly and unsanitary matter of whatever nature shall exist, covering or partly covering the surface of any lot or parcel of real estate within the city that is liable to cause disease or produce, harbor, or spread disease or germs of any nature, or tend to render the surrounding atmosphere unhealthy, this shall be considered a public nuisance. If you live next to a weedy lot or have questions concerning this ordinance, contact the Planning Department so one of our Code Enforcement Officers can answer your questions.

If you build a driveway, fence, porch, do plumbing, electrical, storage room, remodel, build additions, patio, pool, garage, move a home, covered parking, and any foundation, you will need to request a permit from the city. Permits pricing ranges from $5.00 to $100.00. The City of Alton would like inform the citizens of Alton, that for public safety, it is imperative that if you are constructing any of the aforementioned items you can have our city inspectors review the ordinances, requirements, and your property for proper placement, specifications, and safety concerns.

Download applications: 2014 Building Application and 2014 Business Application

Please remember that the City of Alton is protecting the public from unsafe conditions when enforcing ordinances and codes. The City of Alton might also save you time and money when reviewing your project. Help us to do the right thing. If you have any questions contact Jeff Underwood, Assistant City Manager at 956-432-0760 or E-mail at


Planning Staff are:

Jeff Underwood – Assistant City Manager

Natalia Velasquez – Building Inspector

Janie Flores – Planner I