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The City of Alton Development Corporation (CADC) has a 4A corporation and a 4B corporation to facilitate all economic development functions for the City of Alton, Texas. Both were established on July 9, 1996 and have been promoting economic growth for the past eighteen (18) years with positive outcomes.


The CADC was created to promote, encourage and enhance the creation of jobs and expansion of the local tax base through projects which assist in the retention and expansion of existing primary employers and which attract new primary employers and aid their development and growth. The CADC has created and obtained funding from several sources to promote good business practices throughout the city of Alton, Texas. The following are resources being provided:


…..New Developments for 2014-2015…

New SALON & SPA constructed  in Alton 






The INSTYLE Salon & Spa located on the corner of Mile 5 and Austin Street located in the Alton City Centre Plaza will be the first SPA in Alton to be developed.  Information: INSTYLE Salon & Spa, 306 East Main Street, Suite 15, Alton, Texas 78573, 956-585-4247.  For services and prices go to


New Lone Star National Bank being developed in Alton 






LSNB has purchased Lot 10 out of the Dawes Subdivision, also called the city hall complex, to commence construction of a bank.  New facility will be located along Alton Blvd.  We welcome LSNB and its staff to the City of Alton.   


New Pollo Regio restaurant being developed in Alton 



Pollo Regio was founded by Mr. Juan Bazaldua in Austin, Texas.  He set up a special trailer that was outfitted with a charcoal grill, over which he cooked his special recipe marinated chicken.  The demand for his chicken was so great that it was not unusual for him to have sold everything he brought with him by noon each day and have people placing orders for the next day.  It became obvious that Mr. Bazaldua needed more space so he moved into a regular storefront.  He has since expanded in Austin, the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Houston, Waco and now the Rio Grande Valley.  We welcome Mr. Bazaldua and his chain of grill chicken restaurants.  Establishment will be located along Alton Blvd. 


…..Developments In 2013-2014…

Jr.’s supermarket develops new plaza in Alton


* Mr. Felix Chavez Jr., owner of Juniors Supermarkets has completed the new construction of his Juniors Supermarket in Alton located at the corner of Alton Blvd (SH 107) and Main Avenue (Mile 5 FM 676). This development has been in the mix for the past three years and now has come to fruition. Initially, Juniors was looking at an expansion of the current building, but when the new census numbers came in, they studied the area and decided a bigger investment was in order.

This type of development is actually what we have been working so hard for, stated Mayor Salvador Vela.  Like a pebble in a still pond, this will create a ripple effect for the entire community.  So far, eight (8) pad sites and two retail plazas are included in this site plan. They will be available for potential food franchisers or retailers to select from. The pad sites front both Main Street (Mile 5) and Alton Boulevard (SH 107).

AS OF 03/12/15

  • Construction on Jr’s Supermarket has been completed and is open for business.
  • Currently McDonald’s has been completed and is open for business.
  • Chapa Development is proposing construction of plaza on the lot North of the McDonald’s

Mr. Chavez, owner of the development, will be constructing a whole new design on his current supermarket, making it the premier store in his chain. Las Fuentes Plaza will be able to accommodate a variety of eateries and retail outlets for an enjoyable shopping experience. Mr. Pete Diaz III with B-Kan Realty will be brokering the deals for the new development and R.E. Garcia & Associates has been selected for engineering services.

Las Fuentes Plaza Final amended Plat

  • Jr’s Supermarket has been constructed on Lot 1 Block 3
  • McDonald’s has been constructed on Lot 3 Block 3
  • Chapa Development is proposing construction on Lot 2 Block 3 and Lot 3 Block 1






New McDonald’s restaurant now opened


*The city of Alton has its first McDonald’s restaurant located at the Las Fuentes Plaza on the corner of Mile 5 (FM 676) and Alton Blvd (SH 107). Since 1955 McDonald’s has been serving great food to the public. We are proud to have this chain development within the city of Alton. WELCOME MCDONALD’S!!


New Domino’s restaurant now opened


Domino's Pizza

*The city has its first Domino’s Pizza located at the Alton City Centre Plaza on the corner of Mile 5 (FM 676) and Austin Street. This restaurant will be delivery and take out only. This local Franchisee has decided to bring this great chain into our town where residence and all can enjoy great food that the whole family can enjoy. WELCOME DOMINO’S!!


Old Clinicas gets redone into new Plaza


* Dr. Sarojini Bose MD as purchased the old Las Clinicas Plaza located on the corner of Los Ebanos and Mile 5. This new development will be called Alton Ashley Plaza. For further information on leasing space you can call Mr. Rudy Leal, Business Manager for Ashley Pediatrics at Office: 956-259-0400 x 1417 or Cell: 956-975-8104.



Golden Chick peaks its way into emerging Alton market


* Still pushing forward from its small town vibe, Alton is a fast growing city attracting business owners from across the State. Mr. Calixto Hernandez, owner of the new Golden Chick located on the corner of Adams Street and Alton Blvd (SH 107), has decided to develop his new franchise within our great city. This will be the first food franchise for Alton. This delightful chicken chain has been serving up delicious tenders for more then 50 years. Based out of Dallas, the restaurant chain has close to 100 locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Golden Chick is a Southern style restaurant known for its signature Original Golden Tender, marinated whole chicken tenderloin that’s hand battered and cooked to a delicious golden perfection. With the help of his sons, Calixto and David, Mr. Hernandez plans to run his new franchise as a family owned and operated business. NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS.









New Subway restaurant now opened











*The City of Alton has its first Subway restaurant located at Alton City Centre Plaza located on the corner of Mile 5 (FM 676) and Austin Street. This local Franchisee has decided to bring this great chain into our town where residence and all can enjoy nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy.


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