CADC Board Members


The City of Alton Development Corporation (CADC) established in July of 1996 was created to promote business and industrial economic development within the City of Alton and the State of Texas. Through it tenure of an established corporation; the board of directors have identified economic trends within the city and have established a strategic plan of action to meet the growth of the city business sector. Through partnership and collaboration with the City of Alton and the Greater Alton Chamber of Commerce, the CADC will continue to be a driving force for the city’s economy. The CADC  slogan is;

Looking to Invest, Invest in the Future. The City of Alton Development Corporation, Where Growth and Opportunity Meet.  


The City of Alton Development Corporation (CADC) has a 4A (Type A) corporation and a 4B (Type B) corporation to facilitate economic development within the city limits of Alton, Texas. The following are executive officers for the CADC:

Ricardo Garza – President

Calixto Hernandez – Vice President

Mauro Garcia – Secretary

Arturo Galvan Jr. – Member

Felipe Gomez – Member

Richard Arevalo – Member

Roy Sagredo – Member


The following are staff that facilitate and provide support for the general operations of the CADC:

Steve Pena – Chief Executive Officer

Jorge Arcaute – City Manager

John Milford – CADC Consultant

Rick Gonzalez – CADC Legal council