Developers Corner

Welcome to our Great “City on the Grow”.


Frequent Questions and Answers:

Most frequently developers seeking to invest in the city of Alton, Texas have some of the same questions. This section will be dedicated to those seeking to develop within our city limits. From time to time this page will be revised and updated to show the current items available to potential developers and investors.

Funding Resources: “NEW”



Other Resources:

2014 Ring Analysis

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Steve Pena CPM, Chief Executive Officer for the CADC at or call the office at 956-432-0760. 


2015 Community Profiles and Analysis:  

Community Demo Profile 2015

5 Mile Radial Demo Profile 2015

Retail Trade Area Demo Profile 2015

Retail Trade Area Gap/Op Analysis 2015

Market Profile 2015


Space Availability:

Throughout the City of Alton there maybe offices space and business suites available for lease. Periodically the CADC will update this list to potential businesses that want to invest in Alton.

Alton Business Park # 1:

East side of Alton Blvd (SH 107) between Mile 4 and Mile 5. Lots 1, 5 and 9A have been purchased.  Lots available are lots 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9B

Alton Business Park # 2:

Land Availability