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By: R. Karmok, MD

Associate Professor, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

In a scenario of crisis arrhythmia when falling asleep generic cardizem 120mg with visa, austerity blood pressure chart game purchase cardizem 60 mg amex, unemployment and precariousness hypertension at 60 cheap 60 mg cardizem, Europeans took to the streets to demonstrate all their dissatisfaction with the crisis but also with the politicians and policies they implemented to solve economic problems heart attack while running order 180mg cardizem visa. Across Europe there have been huge protests, especially in countries that have received international aid. The social impact of the economic and financial crisis was particularly felt in countries such as Iceland, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. The symbolic beginning of this crisis was the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest North American investment bank, on September 15, 2008. A bank founded in 1850, which survived two world wars, the Great Depression, and others crises, did not resist this 2008 crisis and its fall marked a new era in the economy and financial markets. In fact, the crisis started much earlier and was already evident since the summer of 2007. Financial deregulation, overvalued financial derivatives (supported by rating agencies), high risk mortgage loans (subprime) were some of the ingredients that triggered the crisis. Effect of globalization, the crisis quickly hit the old European continent, showing the weaknesses of its banking system and the imbalance of its public finances, revealing the indebtedness of states, companies and families. The crisis originated in the North American real estate market in 2007 and involved developed economies and developing economies, due to the effect of commercial and financial globalization and the importance of the United States of America in the global economy. The emergence of this crisis, after the collapse of the American housing bubble, was due to the expansion of bank credit and the use of new financial instruments. The panic reached the financial institutions, resulting in an increase in the preference for liquidity, destroying the process of selling assets on a large scale and causing the prices of these financial assets to drop and bank loans to be taken. This situation then caused a drop in international industrial and commercial production, reaching economies 450 52nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development ­ Porto, 16-17 April 2020 globally (Cechin & Montoya, 2017, p. This crisis was, therefore, "a deep crisis of mistrust ' (Bresser-Pereira, 2009, p. This article seeks to demonstrate how the economic crisis of 2008 awoke the citizenship of Europeans and changed their relationship with politics and government, exemplifying with the case of Greece and Iceland. Thus, in the early 2000s, transactions and lending in the real estate market intensified, with the North American mortgage market reaching its peak in 2003 (Cechin & Montoya, 2017, p. Low-cost loans have enabled low-income Americans to realize the dream of home ownership, while offering high-income and stable Americans another dream, that of high financial profitability, thus making their dreams compatible. In this way, real estate financing contracts were made with high interest rates but with different percentages over time, that is, at the beginning of the contract, interest rates were low, being increased exponentially to compensate for the ab initio reduction, thus being proportional to the risk of operation. The payment guarantees for these contracts were often informal work and variable income, and thus, one day the guarantees disappeared and the installments of the home were no longer paid. The preservation of this expansionist real estate cycle lasted until the end of 2006 due to "the importance of the subprime, both in the issuance of new mortgages and in the securitization process" (Cechin & Montoya, 2017, p. Thus, at the beginning of 2007, all financial institutions decided to sell their high-risk securities that were worth almost nothing, so when asset prices went into acute deflation, the market entered a liquidity crisis. So, initially we were facing a "credit crisis, which turned into a liquidity crisis that, in turn, turned into an equity crisis' (Sicsъ, 2009 pp. This systemic crisis therefore threatened "the international financial architecture", explaining the limitations of the basic principles of the banking and financial regulation and supervision system in force and also of the survival of financial institutions (Farhi et al, 2009, p. According to Jennifer Hermann, this systemic crisis can be explained by the American monetary policy that failed in the interpretation and banking supervision, considered the element that propagated the crisis, and the excess of "spontaneous optimism", which led to flagrant errors in risk assessment. Also according to the same author, the crisis was caused by the liberal model of financial regulation "which was in charge of spreading its assets to the whole world" (Hermann, 2009, p. Thus, it is a crisis whose direct cause was the deregulation of the national financial systems, due to the neoliberal ideological wave 451 52nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development ­ Porto, 16-17 April 2020 legitimized by the neoclassical economic theory, dominant since 1970 in the United States of America (Bresser-Pereira, 2009, pp. This crisis is also a social crisis, caused by the increase in individual indebtedness and the consequent increase in eviction actions, the increase in bankruptcies of banks, financial institutions and companies and the resulting increase in unemployment. In this crisis, the "contagion effect" played an important role, since the globalization process allowed the economies to be exposed to external influences, that is, it made the instability of an economy easily spread to other economies (Cechin & Montoya, 2017, p. The 2008 crisis, which started in the mortgage market, ended up reaching all types of markets and involving financial institutions and non-financial institutions, although it mainly affected the global financial system, conditioning investment, production and employment. This was the clear and obvious symbol of this crisis, representing its globalization. With the spread of the crisis, the set of bankruptcies and interventions at a global level spread distrust in the national financial markets and in the companies themselves. After the globalization of this crisis, the States acted in a coordinated way in an attempt to save the responsible financial institutions, through the injection of capital, redemption or purchase.

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More important heart attack 29 year old female order cardizem on line, the Internet has helped to tame the human factor heart attack 3 28 demi lovato heart attack single pop generic cardizem 120 mg visa, as partial exposure arrhythmia university buy cardizem 180 mg cheap, based on snippets and keywords of highlighted text hypertension and kidney disease purchase cardizem cheap online, makes it less likely for police officers to develop strong emotional bonding with their subjects. The larger-than-life personalities of fearless dissidents that melted the icy heart of the Stasi officer in the Lives of Others are barely visible to the Internet police, who see the subjects of surveillance reduced to one-dimensional, boring database entries. The old means of doing surveillance usually began with a target and only then searched for the crimes one could ascribe to it. Today, the situation is the reverse: Crimes-antigovernment slogans or suspicious connections to the West-are detected first, and their perpetrators are located later. That technology helps to eliminate the indecision and frailty (and, more often than not, common sense and humanity) associated with human decision makers was not lost on the Nazis. The totalitarian system in the period of modern technical development can dispense with them; the means of communication alone make it possible to mechanize the subordinate leadership. Tremendous cost savings introduced by digital surveillance technologies have also made it possible to shift surveillance personnel to more burning tasks. Most probably they were shifted to perform more analytical tasks, connecting the dots between hundreds of digital snippets gathered by automated computer systems. This explains why the Chinese government keeps installing video cameras in its most troubling cities. Such revolution in video surveillance did not happen without some involvement from Western partners. Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles, funded in part by the Chinese government, have managed to build surveillance software that can automatically annotate and comment on what it sees, generating text files that can later be searched by humans, obviating the need to watch hours of video footage in search of one particular frame. But as the maddening pace of innovation in data analysis expands the range of what is possible, surveillance is poised to become more sophisticated as well, taking on many new features that only seemed like science fiction in the not-so-distant past. Digital surveillance is poised to get a significant boost as techniques of face-recognition improve and enter the consumer market. By early 2010, the company boasted of scanning 9 billion pictures and identifying 52 million individuals. For why should the Iranian government embark on expensive investigations if they can get their computers to match the photos taken during the protests-many of them by the very activists appearing on them-with more casual photos uploaded on social networking profiles by the same activists? That said, governments and law-enforcement agencies had been using facerecognition technologies for a while before they became a commercially viable business. What is most likely to happen in the case of Iran is that widely accessible face-recognition technologies will empower various solo agents, socially and politically conservative cyber-vigilantes who do not work for the government but would like to help its cause. Just as hordes of loyal Thais surf the Web in search of websites criticizing the monarchy or hordes of pro-government Chinese are on the lookout for highly sensitive blog posts, hordes of hard-line Iranians will be checking photos from the antigovernment protests against those in massive commercial photo banks, populated by photos and names harvested from social networking sites, that are sure to pop up, not always legally, once face-recognition technology goes fully mainstream. Search engines capable of finding photos that contain a given face anywhere on the Internet are not far on the horizon either. An antigovernment chant recorded from the streets of Tehran may soon be broken down into individual voices, which in turn can then be compared to a universe of all possible voices that exist on amateur videos posted on YouTube. Its developers are the first to point to the tremendous privacy implications of their invention, promising that strict controls would eventually be built into the system. Nevertheless, it takes a leap of faith to believe that once the innovation genie is out of the bottle, no similar rogue applications would be available for purchase and download elsewhere. How to Lose Face on Facebook One gloomy day in 2009, the young Belarusian activist Pavel Lyashkovich learned the dangers of excessive social networking the hard way. Shortly thereafter, the visitors offered Lyashkovich to sign an informal "cooperation agreement" with their organization. He declined-which may eventually cost him dearly, as many students sympathetic to the opposition and unwilling to cooperate with authorities have been expelled from universities in the past. Belarus is not an isolated case, and other governments are quickly beginning to understand the immense intelligence value of information 156 the Net Delusion posted to social networking sites. The Indian police in the disputed territory of Kashmir, for example, are paying close attention to anything Kashmir-related that is posted on Facebook. On finding something suspicious, they call the users, ask about their activities, and order them to report to police stations. But membership in a network is something of a double-edged sword: Its usefulness can easily backfire if some segments get compromised and their relationships with other members become common knowledge. Before the advent of social media, it took a lot of effort for repressive governments to learn about the people dissidents are associated with.

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The nature of the communication on Linkedin is an absolute objective one arrhythmia alcohol order cardizem master card, agencies seeing this social platform as a very serious environment where everyone means business blood pressure chart vaughns purchase cardizem 120mg on-line. Twitter this platform has almost no success in Romania arteriogram complications cheap cardizem 120 mg free shipping, considering that prehypertension blood pressure values buy cardizem canada, for a population of almost 20 million people, we have only 377. Considering the above-mentioned context, is no wonder that, out of those 12 agencies analyzed in the present research, only 2 have an account, but we have to mention that one of these two is just linked to the global account, is not Romania-related. There are only two agencies that literally communicated with their audience through Youtube, presenting their team and workplace. The analyzed agencies are all present somehow in this online platform, be it through an individual description sheet (history, vision, services offered) or just mentions in articles written by others. The content in these articles is related to awards, successful stories for their own clients, predictions about future developments, philosophies and approaches in advertising, trends and opinions about their industry. The last objective of our study refers to type of value proposition used by digital agencies, and, as it can be observed in Table 1, there are two approaches: · the first one is about an objective value proposition, that states very clearly what the agency is offering in terms of services, highlighting the experience and the cost efficiency; · the second one is about an affective value proposition, in which agencies are showing the end-value of working together, rather than what they can do for their clients. We offer our clients integrated strategies of digital marketing that efficiently combine the online marketing tactics with the off-line ones. The expertise of the tribal team worldwide covers the entire spectrum of skills in digital marketing services: concepts of campaigns and integrated campaigns, e-commerce platforms and platforms dedicated to the mobile environment, communication in social networks and strategies that creatively implement new technologies. We are a strong full-service digital agency that bridges that gap between marketing, advertising and technology by offering a vertically integrated "one-stop-shop" solution for all your strategy, creative and digital evolution. We are offering you the best possible media plan, with an excellent report between price/views/sites, in order for the client and also the agency to be happy with the collaboration and to desire a long-term relationship. We create exceptional digital user experiences that solve business problems and make lives easier. We make brands more valuable to people, and people more valuable to brands, while bringing digital to the core of communication. Ans also, multiple online platforms can be used to create a strong presence on the market and, also, to differentiate from other competitors on the market. These results can be considered the first steps towards defining and discovering better and better the market of digital agencies. Nonetheless, since the digital world is constantly changing and evolving, so is the market for digital agencies is likely to evolve and expand to new virgin territories as well. In this context, research is crucial to keep on expanding in order to get into the depth of this industry. A framework for digital marketing research: investigating the four cultural eras of digital marketing. A marketing communications approach for the digital era: managerial guidelines for social media integration. The digital marketing skills gap: developing a digital marketer model for the communication industries. Strategic and organisational challenges in the integrated marketing communication paradigm shift: a holistic vision. Meaning that sustainable development can really co-exist with current economic patterns of growth. Empirical analysis is based on panel cointegration analysis for the set of 44 countries, mostly developed and developing ones. Results are consistent with general features of standard growth models with the dual characteristic of the relationship between economic openness and green growth. This reductionism in mainstream economic theory and in practical manifestation of economic policies sometimes bypasses the question of oblivion towards the destruction of socio-economic systems. Thus, when this point is crossed, further economic growth can deteriorate the quality of life due to the costs associated with an increasing income inequality, loss of leisure time and natural resource depletion. So, the question of co-existence of equitable and sustainable development and current patterns of economic growth comes into foreplay. One concept stands out more strongly from the crowd of definitions that are trying to incorporate different aspects of wellbeing in aforementioned conceptual confrontation. Empirical analysis is based on panel cointegration analysis for the period 2008-2016 on set of 44 countries, ranging from developed and developing ones.

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This is the motivation for the case study in this paper hypertension with diabetes buy discount cardizem 180 mg on line, the oil market being analysed using two models from game theory in which firms choose the level of production and the demand curve determines the price hypertensive urgency treatment purchase cardizem 60mg visa, namely Cournot and Stackelberg blood pressure test purchase 120mg cardizem otc. An additional argument for this motivation comes from the literature where these models are the most commonly applied on the oil market from the perspective of game theory (Alhajji and Huettner blood pressure medication recall 2015 buy cardizem 180mg without a prescription, 2000; Catalгo, 2016; Dahl, 2015; Huppmann and Holz, 2012; Labys, 2012; Loury, 1986; Ludkovski and Sircar, 2015; Salant, 1982, 1976). His book "Researches into the Mathematical Principles of the Theory of Wealth" was published in 1838 205 52nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development ­ Porto, 16-17 April 2020 (Varian, 2014). The basic Cournot model is a one period model in which each firm must predict the production decision of other companies. Given its projections, each company chooses a simultaneous production aiming profit maximization (Varian, 2014). The Cournot competition type, in other words, is a form of quantities competition, which means that companies must choose production levels instead of prices favourable for profit maximization, having the belief that each competing firm is maximizing the expected profits. Also, it is assumed that the quantities supplied by other manufacturers are fixed and do not react to price changes. The competition then search for a balance, where in the Cournot models it refers to a situation where each firm finds its beliefs about other companies confirmed (Varian, 2014). The Nash equilibrium solution for optimal quantities generated by each manufacturer is provided by the Cournot model. The Stackelberg model is an imperfect competition model based on a non-cooperative game. It was developed in 1934 by Heinrich Stackelbelrg in his "Marktform und Gleichgewicht" (Market Structure and Equilibrium) and it represented a milestone in the study of market structure, especially in the analysis of duopolies because it was a model based on different assumptions and different conclusions offered by the models of Cournot and Bertrand (Tremblay and Tremblay, 2012). In game theory, the Stackelberg model is a sequentially game, and not simultaneously as the Cournot model (Shapiro, 1989). There are two or more firms that sell the same products, and are subject to the same demand and cost functions. A company - the leader ­ has, probably, a greater awareness and brand equity, and therefore is better placed to decide first the quantity q1 which it will sell and other competitors with less power observe this and decide on their production quantities (q 2, q3. To find the Nash equilibrium of the game it is needed to be used the recursive induction, as in any sequential game. The analysis begins by researching the decisions of competitors that are under the leader. This model is particularly relevant in industries that have a dominant firm or leader. In such industries, companies with less market power take decisions regarding the production only after the production selected by the dominant firm it is set. The limitations of Stackelberg and Cournot equilibriums lie in the fact that these models are stable during a static model on one period. The international crude oil market, which is analysed in this paper, is undergoing continuously through a complex and dynamic process. Governments and private companies play important roles in the transportation of crude oil from producers to consumers. Moreover, these regions had in 2014 more than 81% of global oil reserves ("International - U. Even if these four powers do not have the entire oil production or do not have on their territory all the remaining reserves of this fossil fuel, other countries or regions that complete the full picture of oil are in large numbers and they cannot significantly influence the price or the produced quantity in a given period of time. China ranked last in terms of crude oil production in 2014, with a market share of 5. This ranking led to the application of a third model of analysis, namely a Stackelberg-Cournot combination. Thus, Russia and the United States will take decisions simultaneously, after the leader, and will choose their production quantities, following the latest decision to be taken by China, which has the smallest market share among the four players. These data led to the determination of the parameters a and b used in the linear equation of demand. Such, the values q1*, q2*, q* and q4* resulted after the application of each model, by reference to Q, led to expressing 4 resulted proportions of the 100% market share specific for each model. Results achieved by applying the Cournot model the values of the market shares of the four powers are close to each other because they take decisions concerning the produced amount simultaneously, as a result of the assumption that producers have relatively equal powers. Results achieved by applying the Stackelberg-Cournot model the market shares for the four powers obtained after applying this model have values close to the actual ones, this theoretical model explaining the reality quite well.

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