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By: K. Pedar, M.A., M.D.

Co-Director, TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine

Covering each villus is an inner layer of cytotrophoblast cells anxiety feels like best 20 mg cymbalta, which have large nuclei and lightly basophilic cytoplasm containing considerable glycogen anxiety symptoms and treatment cymbalta 60mg otc. External to the cytotrophoblast is a layer of syncytial trophoblast of variable thickness severe anxiety symptoms 247 20 mg cymbalta with mastercard. The cells of the cytotrophoblast decrease in number in the latter half of pregnancy anxiety 24 hour hotline generic 40 mg cymbalta with amex, and only a very few are present at term. The placenta transfers oxygen and nutrients from the maternal to the fetal circulation and waste products from the fetal to the maternal circulation. Although maternal and fetal circulations are closely apposed, they remain separated by the syncytial trophoblast (and early in pregnancy by the cytotrophoblast also), a basement membrane, the connective tissue of the villi, and the wall of the fetal blood vessels. Transport of material between fetal and maternal blood appears to be regulated by the syncytial trophoblast. Being without cell boundaries and intercellular spaces, any materials passing into or out of the fetal blood must pass through the cell membranes and cytoplasm of the syncytium. Electrolytes, steroids, fatty acids, oxygen, and carbon dioxide traverse the syncytial trophoblast by passive diffusion. The cytotrophoblast continues to serve as the source of cells for the syncytial trophoblast. The placenta also is a multipotential endocrine organ essential for maintaining pregnancy. It increases in amount to the fifth week of pregnancy and maintains and stimulates the corpus luteum to secrete estrogens and progesterone during early pregnancy. The placenta also secretes estrogens and progesterone that aid in maintaining the uterine environment for continued fetal development. A variety of other factors, similar to releasing hormones of the hypothalamus as well as pituitary-like hormones, are synthesized and released by the placenta into the maternal blood. Human chorionic somatomammotropin imparts a condition of insulin resistance to the mother so that glucose rather than being rapidly removed from the circulation by maternal tissues is available for the developing fetus. Each lobe represents an individual mammary gland and contains glandular tissue drained by its own ductal components, embedded in connective tissue. In the resting gland, the principal glandular elements are the ducts, which are grouped together to form lobules. The smallest branches of the ductal system are lined by simple cuboidal epithelium, but the lining increases in height as the ducts unite and pass toward the nipple. Just beneath the areola, the ducts expand to form the lactiferous sinuses, which are lined by a two-layered stratified cuboidal epithelium. As the duct ascends through the nipple, it becomes lined by stratified squamous epithelium. The alveolar wall consists of simple cuboidal epithelium resting on a basement membrane. Between the epithelial cells and the basement membrane are highly branched myoepithelial cells whose long, slender processes embrace the alveolus in a basket-like network. Alveoli are not prominent in the resting gland, and there is some question as to whether they are present at all. When present, they usually occur as small, budlike extensions of the terminal ducts. The intralobular connective tissue around the ductules and alveoli is loosely arranged and cellular, whereas that surrounding the larger ducts and lobes (interlobular connective tissue) is variably dense and contains much adipose tissue. Breasts (Mammary Glands) Mammary glands are present in both sexes but in men remain rudimentary throughout life. Prior to puberty, the female breasts are undeveloped but enlarge rapidly at puberty due mainly to accumulation of adipose tissue. In women, the breasts are variably hemispherical and conical in shape, each surmounted by a cylindrical projection, the nipple. Surrounding the nipple is a slightly raised, circular area of hairless pigmented skin, the areola. The dermis projects deeply into the epithelium, forming unusually tall dermal papillae.

A 62-year-old male with hepatic failure secondary to cirrhosis develops a pungent odor in his breath (fetor hepaticus) anxiety symptoms edu order cheapest cymbalta and cymbalta. He is also noted to have marked ascites anxiety chest tightness order on line cymbalta, gynecomastia anxiety symptoms nail biting discount cymbalta 30 mg on line, asterixis anxiety symptoms visual disturbances order genuine cymbalta online, and palmar erythema. Decreased synthesis of albumin Defective metabolism of the urea cycle Deranged bilirubin metabolism Impaired estrogen metabolism the formation of mercaptans in the gut 298. These symptoms are suggestive of Budd-Chiari syndrome, a disorder that is caused by a. Obstruction of the common bile duct Obstruction of the intrahepatic sinusoids Thrombosis of the hepatic artery Thrombosis of the hepatic vein Thrombosis of the portal vein Gastrointestinal System 313 299. A 27-year-old female presents with headaches, muscle pain (myalgia), anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. She denies any history of drug or alcohol use, but upon further questioning she states that recently she has lost her taste for coffee and cigarettes. Physical examination reveals a slight yellow discoloration of her scleras, while laboratory results indicate a serum bilirubin level of 1. Several other children in the day-care center he attends 5 days a week have developed similar illnesses. Physical examination finds mild liver tenderness, but no lymphadenopathy is noted. Laboratory examination finds mildly elevated serum levels of liver enzymes and bilirubin. Which one of the following hepatitis profile patterns is most consistent with an asymptomatic hepatitis B carrier A mononuclear portal inflammatory infiltrate that disrupts the limiting plate and surrounds individual hepatocytes (piecemeal necrosis) is characteristic of a. Ascending cholangitis Chronic active hepatitis Acute alcoholic hepatitis Cholestatic jaundice Nutritional cirrhosis 303. The combination of episodic elevations in serum transaminase levels along with fatty change in hepatocytes is most suggestive of infection with a. Hepatitis A virus Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis C virus Hepatitis D virus Hepatitis E virus Gastrointestinal System 315 304. You follow her in your clinic and find over the next 9 months that her liver enzymes have remained elevated. A liver biopsy reveals chronic inflammation in the portal triads that focally destroys the limiting plate and "spills over" into the adjacent hepatocytes. There are no granulomas present, and there is no evidence of fibrosis surrounding any of the bile ducts within the portal triads. Autoimmune hepatitis Chronic persistent hepatitis Primary biliary cirrhosis Primary sclerosing cholangitis Systemic lupus erythematosus 305. Dilated sinusoids and irregular cystic spaces filled with blood within the liver, which may rupture, leading to massive intraabdominal hemorrhage, are most commonly associated with a. A 49-year-old male presents with symptoms that developed following a long weekend of binge drinking. Cirrhosis, as illustrated in the photomicrograph below, is characterized histologically by finding a. Which of the listed types of cells found within the liver is the major source of the excess collagen deposited in cirrhosis Hepatocytes Kupffer cells Ito cells Endothelial cells Bile duct epithelial cells 309. A liver biopsy is performed and reveals extensive deposits of hemosiderin in the hepatocytes and Kupffer cells. Defective excretion of copper into the bile Defective synthesis of 1 antitrypsin Defective synthesis of glycogen Excessive absorption of galactose from the small intestines Excessive reabsorption of iron from the small intestines 310. A 5-year-old girl is brought in with severe vomiting that has developed suddenly 5 days after she has had a viral infection. Upon questioning, her parents indicate that she was given aspirin for several days to treat a fever that occurred with the viral illness.

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An additional finding associated with these repeat units is anticipation anxiety 8 year old boy purchase 40 mg cymbalta visa, which refers to the fact that the disease is worse in subsequent generations anxiety symptoms throwing up order discount cymbalta line. Glomerular lesions are very rare anxiety panic attacks cheap cymbalta master card, but a mild tubulointerstitial nephritis is quite common and may result in renal tubular acidosis anxiety 8 year old boy order cymbalta 30 mg line. In addition to the usual dense, lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate of salivary glands, the lymph nodes may show a "pseudolymphomatous" appearance. This abnormality results from defective maturation of B lymphocytes beyond the pre-B stage. This maturation defect leads to decreased or absent numbers of plasma cells, and therefore immunoglobulin levels are markedly decreased. Most patients are asymptomatic, but some develop chronic sinopulmonary infections. These individuals have frequent infections that are caused by catalase-positive organisms, such as S. The parathyroid glands are also abnormal, and these individuals develop hypocalcemia and tetany. Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome is also an X-linked recessive disorder, but it is characterized by thrombocytopenia, eczema, and immune deficiency. The immune abnormalities are characterized by progressive loss of T cell function and decreased IgM. There are decreased numbers of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood and paracortical (T cell) areas of lymph nodes. Both cellular and humoral immunity are affected, and, because patients fail to produce antibodies to polysaccharides, they are vulnerable to infections with encapsulated organisms. First of all, these terms are applied to malignant neoplasms and not to benign neoplasms. Grading of a malignant tumor is based on the histologic degree of differentiation of the tumor cells and on the number of mitoses that are present. These histologic features are thought to be indicators of the aggressiveness of the malignant neoplasm. In contrast to grading, the staging of cancers is based on the size of the primary lesion, the presence of lymph node metastases, and the presence of bloodborne metastases. Lower stages are smaller, are localized, and have a better prognosis, General Pathology Answers 91 while higher stages are larger, are widespread, and have a worse prognosis. Although there are direct-acting chemical carcinogens, such as the direct-acting alkylating agents that are used in chemotherapy, most organic carcinogens first require conversion to a more reactive compound. Vinyl chloride is metabolized to an epoxide and is associated with angiosarcoma of the liver, not hepatocellular carcinoma. Azo dyes, such as butter yellow and scarlet red, are metabolized to active compounds that have induced hepatocellular cancer in rats, but no human cases have been reported. In the past there has been an increase in bladder cancer in workers in the aniline dye and rubber industries who have been exposed to these compounds. Aflatoxin B1, a natural product of the fungus Aspergillus flavus, is metabolized to an epoxide. The fungus can grow on improperly stored peanuts and grains and is associated with the high incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in some areas of Africa and the Far East. Bronchogenic carcinomas are associated with the development of many different types of paraneoplastic syndromes. These syndromes are usually associated with the secretion of certain substances by the tumor cells. Hypertrophic osteoarthropathy is a syndrome consisting of periosteal new bone formation with or without digital clubbing and joint effusion.

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Pts should be evaluated for the risk of complications before the initiation of glucocorticoid therapy (Table 174-2) anxiety symptoms abdominal pain 40mg cymbalta otc. Higher doses of glucocorticoids may be reTable 174-1 Glucocorticoid Preparations Relative Potency Generic Name Glucocorticoid Mineralocorticoid Dose equivalent Short-acting Hydrocortisone Cortisone Intermediate-acting Prednisone Methylprednisolone Triamcinolone Long-acting Dexamethasone Betamethasone 1 anxiety symptoms brain zaps cheap 30mg cymbalta with visa. In addition anxiety zoning out discount cymbalta online master card, following long-term use anxiety symptoms dry lips quality 40 mg cymbalta, glucocorticoids should be tapered with the dual goals of allowing the pituitaryadrenal axis to recover and the avoidance of underlying disease flare. Furthermore, regional fat distribution may influence the risks associated with obesity. Central obesity (high ratio of the circumference of the waist to the circumference of the hips, 0. Etiology Obesity can result from increased energy intake, decreased energy expenditure, or a combination of the two. Excess accumulation of body fat is the consequence of environmental and genetic factors; social factors and economic conditions also represent important influences. Treatment is important because of the associated health risks but is made difficult by a limited repertoire of effective therapeutic options. Low to Moderate Risk Behavior modification including group counseling, diet diaries, and changes in eating patterns should be initiated. Foodrelated behaviors should be monitored carefully (avoid cafeteria-style settings, eat small and frequent meals, eat breakfast). Therefore, eating 100 kcal/d less for a year should cause a 5-kg weight loss, and a deficit of 1000 kcal/d should cause a loss of 1 kg per week. Sibutramine is a central reuptake inhibitor of both norepinephrine and serotonin with efficacy in short-term trials, though it increases pulse and bp in some pts. Orlistat is an inhibitor of intestinal lipase that causes modest weight loss due to drug-induced fat malabsorption. Weight regain and other medical problems are minimal with either a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure or vertically banded gastroplasty. The metabolic syndrome, the insulin resistance syndrome, and syndrome X are terms used to describe a commonly found constellation of metabolic derangements that includes insulin resistance (with or without diabetes), hypertension, dyslipidemia, central or visceral obesity, and endothelial dysfunction and is associated with accelerated cardiovascular disease. Special attention should be given on physical exam to retinal exam, orthostatic bp, foot exam (including vibratory sensation and monofilament testing), peripheral pulses, and insulin injection sites. Intensive therapy reduces long-term complications but is associated with more frequent and more severe hypoglycemic episodes. Combinations of insulin preparations with different times of onset and duration of action should be used (Table 176-2). Commonly used regimens include twice-daily injections of an intermediate insulin combined with a short-acting insulin before the morning and evening meal, injection of glargine at bedtime and preprandial lispro or insulin aspart, and continuous subcutaneous insulin using an infusion device. The classes of oral glucose-lowering agents and dosing regimens are listed in Table 176-3. Combinations of two oral agents may be used with additive effects, with stepwise addition of bedtime insulin or a third oral agent if adequate control is not achieved. Individuals who require 1 U/kg per day of intermediateacting insulin should be considered for combination therapy with an insulinsensitizing agent such as metformin or a thiazolidinedione. A routine urinalysis may be performed as an initial screen for diabetic nephropathy. If it is positive for protein, quantification of protein on a 24-h urine collection should be performed. The broken line indicates that biguanides or insulin secretagogues, but not -glucosidase inhibitors or thiazolidinediones, are preferred for initial therapy. Management of the Hospitalized Patient the goals of diabetes management during hospitalization are avoidance of hypoglycemia, optimization of glycemic control [5. Short-acting insulin alone is insufficient to prevent the onset of diabetic ketoacidosis. Inadequate production of sperm can occur in isolation or in the presence of androgen deficiency, which impairs spermatogenesis secondarily.

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